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Posted By: Amos
20-Apr-00 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: Help: Autoharp Agonies
Subject: RE: Help: Autoharp Agonies
They can be held with the arms crossed under them, standing up; but for your client probably better to set it in the lap.

You strum it, but you can use strong nails or finger-picks, and a cultivated sort of grab-and-strum technique to make chord segments from different sections come out sounding like a melody in a series of small arpeggio bursts which can be quite lovely. For the less dexterous, simple broad strokes will serve.

It does involve a lot of arm- or wrist- motion, with the strumming hand, and lifting up and pressing down of fingers on the chord buttons. However it can be played quite simply, with minimal knowledge and still sound beautiful.

It can also be played sitting on a tabletop, near to lap height so you don't have to keep your arms cocked all the time.

Hope this helps.