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Posted By: stallion
14-Sep-07 - 08:09 PM
Thread Name: how important is the label traditional singer?
Subject: RE: how important is the label traditional singer?
fffffff blow me, I can't believe this thread has legs, I really couldn't give two ffffff hoots, a singer is a singer is a singer and all are individual, maybe, are we saying that "traditional" is some sort of label for a tribute band and if you didn't sound like so and so it's not traditional? I think that is, in the words of my father, huey, for fffff pity's sake stop being so precious. It's the words and melodies wot count and the folk will make of it what they will. This isn't a pop at CB, I think perhaps we have the same point of vie. Oh and yes I am too bone idle to read the rest of the threads, had a bad night with my precious and I am full of beer which makes me either sleepy or belligerent, oh who gives a fffffig
night night