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Posted By: The Sandman
14-Sep-07 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: how important is the label traditional singer?
Subject: RE: how important is the label traditional singer?
There have been some interesting points made in this thread,which is about the importance of the label, traditional singer.
In this particular case/Kennedy,it was his employers who made the value judgements.
however collectors do make value judgements as to what they should or should not collect,and the fact that none of them apart from MikeYates[by mistake]collected a revival singer,proves that they thought it [the traditional label]important.
As there are fewer and fewer traditional singers collected,and the process of passing on material changes with technology.I believe these labels will become less important,.
If for example I learned a tune/song from Roscoe Holcomb from you tube,and I learned it orally via the computer, does that make me a traditional musician /singer ,as far as I am concerned I dont care ,all I want to do is sing the song/or play the tune.
That is what is important, playing and singing the music,Keeping the music alive.
SeamusKennedy,raised an interesting point,when a source singer dies do the revivalists in turn become source singers.
In my opinion they do,if a person teaches someone a traditional or any other song, orally ,that person whether they are a revivalist or whatever has become the source singer,not that I would care two figs about the label,because my concern is passing on and sharing music not categorisation.