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Posted By: Folkiedave
14-Sep-07 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: how important is the label traditional singer?
Subject: RE: how important is the label traditional singer?
First of all Dick and Jim are both right in context. Josiah Combs wrote in 1924 that you should collect everything.

I am told that Tom Munnelly nearly missed a Child Ballad from singer because the singer called it "The Old Armchair" and Tom thought the singer was talking about "Grannies Old Armchair. The singer wasn't!!

At the same time Dick G. has to remember that modern day collectors do have restrictions, and sometimes have to make judgements.

So here we go again Cap'n.

Peter Kennedy did the vast bulk of his field work between 1953 and 1958 when he was working as a field worker for the BBC. Which people did he make judgements about whether they were "traditional" or "revival" singers? You wrongly named Bob Blake as one of them, now name some more.

That is what the thread is about Captain - you should know - you started it.....