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Posted By: The Sandman
13-Sep-07 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: how important is the label traditional singer?
Subject: RE: how important is the label traditional s
Jim Carroll, Mike Yates called Bob Blake a fine singer[does that make him arrogant as well]I am agreeing with his sentiments.
Why are you far more likely to get it right,than somebody who makes no distinction between traditional and revival.
you say, many fine singers were lost because people like myself placed no value on them,please explain how I am responsible,for singers being lost.[just another example of the rubbish you spout].
which singers dont I value?

you say I have a disregard[verging on contempt for traditional singers].,again this is absolute rubbish,I do not have a disregard for them,neither do I have contempt for them ,I like greatly the singing of many traditional singers,I also like the singing of many revivalist singers,I judge traditional singers and singers of traditional songs,on their ability as singers,.for that reason I rate very highly
Harry Cox,FredJordan,SamLarner,PhilTanner,Jeannie Robertson[traditional singers].you yourself must have traditional singers that you prefer to others.
you dont seem to like many revival singers other than Ewan Maccoll,I have seen you criticise Louis Killen,Tony Rose,MartinCarthy.
your first paragraph is typical nonsense,at no point have I mentioned classical singers,as you well know, I was talking about singers of folk songs,whether they have learned their songs by the process that makes them a traditional singer or like Bob Blake a revivalist or a singer of traditional songs,and I was saying that within this category decisions to record should be made on the singers ability rather than the process he learned the song by.
The only exception I would make to this would be if the singer was a poor singer[who had an exceptionally rare and good song]in which case I would record it rather than risk it being lost.