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Posted By: Hyperabid
19-Apr-00 - 05:45 AM
Thread Name: Shouldn't have been covered (songs)
Subject: RE: BS: Shouldn't have been covered
I still am a great version of Thin Lizzy version of Whisky in the Jar - The guitar riff in between each verse brings a folk classic right up to date.

As for the creep of the thread into the issue of manufactured bands performing classic covers and mostly badly - well you could probably start another thread on just that. I take the view that it underlines a talent for being famous without a talent for songwriting.

Usually, these creative vacuums spawn new musical forms. Punk came from the manufactured pop of the mid 70s, new romanisism from the worst excesses of 80s. This is in fact probably a good thing because it should cause the birth of something new and exciting. Maybe even something older could be reborn and repacked - you know folk maybe?