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Posted By: Bruce O.
13-Feb-98 - 09:48 PM
Thread Name: Celtic Music
Subject: RE: Celtic Music
Peace, Dan, I guess we have somewhat different notions of what Celtic music is, but I can live with that, that's part of life no matter the subject, as long as one doesn't live in a totalitarian state where you're told what you have to believe.
I found out by copying the thead as HTML that there is what seems obviously to be a serial number attached to each submission to the forum, but I would never ask Dick, Susan, or Max to identify a sender for me, however curious I might be.
Dan, you might be interested in the Irish music list, IRTRAD-L. There you'll find every thing from 18th century Irish (mostly dance and instrumental, but occasionally even a Gaelic song) to modern Celtic and Riverdance/ Lord of the Dance. Several ABC's turn up every week, some of them with no name, asking an identification of the tune. Among the list members are about three who can identify almost anything.
Akond of Swat, I couldn't connect to your URL's. Care to try again?