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Posted By: Kelida
18-Apr-00 - 01:48 AM
Thread Name: Just out of curiosity. . .
Subject: Just out of curiosity. . .
Just out of curiosity (which killed the cat, by the way), I'd like to run a little survey of the Mudcat to see what "kind" of people hang around here--sort of a sampling of the social make-up, so to speak. Just some general info on what kind of music people listen to/play, instruments, ages, places, etc. Mostly just so I (and everyone else, hopefully) will feel a little less of a stranger here. I guess I'll start things off.

Name: Bridget McKinney; Cincinnati, Ohio; DOB: 10-xx-82; Blond hair, blue eyes, 5'7", 125; Music/Bands: Celtic folk/dance music, blues, the Happy Daggers, jazz, the Beatles, the Doors, Jethro Tull, old school punk, '80s glam metal (shamefully. . .), industrial, Bauhaus, techno/rave/jungle--pretty eclectic tastes, but mostly I like folk music; Instruments: clarinet, penny whistle, acoustic guitar, key board, fife; Reading material: Lovecraft, Moorcock, Nietzche, Kafka, Poppy Z. Brite, Whitman, pretty much anything; Most likely to be found: at school, at work, at the computer, playing clarinet, singing with my best friend; future career: graphic designer/illustrator.


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