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Posted By: Hotspur
18-Apr-00 - 12:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Do Americans know II
Subject: RE: BS: Do Americans know II
Kelida-- I know exactly where you are coming from...I could have written your original article myself a few years ago. But I think your anger is a GOOD thing--if you use it to agitate for change. Anger that motivates people to ACT is worthwhile; anger that is an end in itself is pointless, and can also destroy you. Don't give up on older folks, though. For one thing,as several people on this thread have pointed out, sometimes adults ARE acting out of good intentions, even if they are ignorant of the true situation. Many adults truly want to help, but we can be dense, so speak up loud and clear about what you believe! There are some of us out there who value what you have to say.

Attention, all who have complained that today's teens are lazy, whiny, angst-ridden, without hope, etc., etc. Have you really been paying attention to them, or are you just going by the sensational stories that get splashed all over the news: the shootings at Columbine High School, the girls who kill their newborns, the kids who are in jail for drug dealing? Yes, there are some seriously messed up, scary kids out there. There are plenty of seriously messed-up, scary adults out there too. Some of them are heads of state. There are plenty of good, honest, upstanding teenagers out there too. They study, they work, they belong to clubs, they watch TV, they play violent video games, they go to church/synagogue/mosque/other places of worship, they dress in black and wear lots of silver jewelry, they dress in skin tight clothes and say f**k and s**t, they preach abstinence, they volunteer, they write angry letters and go to school board meetings, they make music and art, they fix old cars, they plan to go to college, they don't plan to go to college, they worry about the environment, they babysit, they dress in grungy clothes and listen to music many people call noise. There are as many different ways of being a good kid as there are being a good adult. Don't condemn before you know. Some of the scariest looking teenagers I know also have the biggest hearts.