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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
13-Feb-98 - 06:40 AM
Thread Name: Celtic Music
Subject: RE: Celtic Music
Since The Professor has drawn a distinction between the Celts and the celtic languistic groups solely for the purpose of denigrating Bruce (I had no difficulty understanding the disclaimer of "now" expertise), I think it would be helpful to point out the difference between the Celts and the folk music we label "celtic". If you wanna split hairs this fine, go find some music from Ireland in the year 300 a.d. then we'll see what celtic music is all about. Also, since The Professor is the first authority I've read who settled the question of whether or not the Picts were Celts, perhaps he can explain why they were a celtic people who spoke both a pre-celtic language, and Pictish, an unidentified language, possibly a non Indo-European isolate, but not Celtic?

I'd suspect Dan (he took nae brag o his swift nag, that bore him aff sae fleet man)Mulligan of spending hours poring over the encyclopedia trying to outdo Bruce, but for the fact that I don't think he has the head for it. Anyway, I think he bailed out.

It's certainly a loss not having Shula around, she once hoisted me up for an inappropriate remark. I dearly hope that "the ticker that took a lickin" is still a tickin'. In any event, Bruce O. You are an awesome old windbag, keep it coming. I come to the Mudcat because it is a stimulating forum, there are plenty of "fanzines" for those who just wanna coo over their fave way cool bands.

Frank in the swamps.