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Posted By: Peter T.
17-Apr-00 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT Albert Hansell - Part 4
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT Albert Hansell - Part 4
"Thank you Commander for your graceful offer," said de Mornay, still gazing out. "I am I think bound to decline, to whatever purpose or to what place that that declination imprisons me. I would not be who I am if it were not for my memory, nor would I foreswear the magic moments of being that have forever enshrined in my heart the love of a woman who I have learned, too late, while I have made myself motley to the view, was all my desire. I would not for the world give up that past, foolish though it was. It can never be again the way it was: even I know that time does not betray itself that much, however much ridiculous humanity has learned to play with it. That she lives, that she loved me once as I am, what more can a man ask of his own life? Whatever others may do, and though I have been mostly a mask, mostly a facade, there is that within which passeth show, these but the trappings and the suits of -- well, you know the rest."

And further, apart from all, I believe that the Red Heron knows that I have survived, thanks to your great kindness, and that he will seek me out in one of his many guises, and that somehow he will be put an end to -- not by me, but by that other you and I have spent so much to protect. So...." he shrugged. "I must perforce try what I can do, here and in this now."

The two comrades in arms shook hands, and Commander Leej said: "Well, then, I commend you into the hands of the League of the Mudcat. They are endlessly hospitable." He turned, and began to dissolve. "Oh, de Mornay, one last thing. Remember that Caesar in Baltimore? That was the best thing I have ever seen."

De Mornay replied: "It was the most responsive audience, sir. We need each other, actor and audien--" but Commander Leej, and the great League ship, the Streamboat of Time, had already gone down, down, down into the river of destiny once more.