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17-Apr-00 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT Albert Hansell - Part 4
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT Albert Hansell - Part 4
"Deja-vu" repeated DeMornay."I am in fact, Commander, experiencing some measure of that eerie phenomenon at this moment." Leej smiled, saying " And no wonder. We have stood here before while you weighed my proposition." De Mornay turned with a quizzical look. "And what was my decision?" Leej glanced at the pocket watch which hung inconguously from the pocket of his metallic trousers. "Sorry, Cassius. To tell you that would violate the BRC...Basic rules of Continuity." Leej smiled." The great trauma of your life was the death of the great man Lincoln. Would it sooth you to know that he availed himself of our services? That he was transported into the life of a Senator in the Roman Republic, some 100 years before Christ?" DeMornay stared at Leej in confusion.

"Time wastes, Cassius," said Leej,"and my consciousness is due back on the Hansell momentarily, as certain important events are about to transpire. Again, I must ask that you choose your destiny."