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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
22-Aug-07 - 04:41 AM
Thread Name: Yellow Clay
Subject: RE: Yellow Clay

"According to Cecil Geeson's Northumberland and Durham Word Book, yellow clay is hearthstone, a soft stone used for whitening hearths. Hearthstone was usually made from a compound of powdered stone and white coloured pipeclay, which could also be used for whitening leather.

Andy Guy, of Beamish Museum, thinks that, in the North-East, sandstone was mixed with pipeclay to give it a yellow tinge. He believes it was compressed into small brickettes which were faintly abrasive. Variations on the yellow clay were Donkey Stones which produced a whitened appearance on hearths and Rudd which could redden steps and hearths, although this was more associated with Cumbria"

From The Northern Echo

There we go. One impossible thing before breakfast - Anyone for lunch at Milliways?

PMB - I remember the call well. We used to be dead disappointed when my Mum turned up with a donkey stone - The Rag Bone man used to have other things on offer far better for kids! Balloons for instance:-) Imagine kids getting excited if their Mum's turned up with baloons nowadays?