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Posted By: Bruce O.
12-Feb-98 - 04:10 PM
Thread Name: Seige of CarrickFergus-Capture of Carrickfergusby
Subject: LYR REQ: Carrick Fergus
Could someone post the lyrics to:

'The Capture of Carrickfergusby,' written by Thurot in 1760.

The song is said to be in Eloise H. Linscott's 'Folk Songs of Old New England', 1939.

This is said to be to the tune "Carrickfergus". I have two copies of a tune "Carrick Fergus" of 1768, and another of 1791, of which I will supply the one that best fits the ballad, if the all the information above is correct. (Some is from a website that isn't always correct.)

Something is obviously a little fishey here. It doesn't make sense that the French Admiral (Thurot) should be writing a song on the subject, in English, and to an Irish tune.