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Posted By: open mike
19-Aug-07 - 11:24 PM
Thread Name: Broadside, Topical Song Magazine-now online
Subject: RE: who remembers the Broadside magazine?
the reason i started this thread, is because i, also,
first thought of the magazine when i saw the other
thread about the band. Background: perhaps both of
these get their names from another source/word:
isn't a broadside an advertising flyer or sorts,
or an early newspaper or magazine...printed and
distributed "broadly"?

see this page:
where you will find this discussion of "Broadside Ballads"
(excert here)
.....In fact, printed folk music was extremely popular for more than four hundred years, beginning in the sixteenth century. Words to popular songs were printed on sheets of varying lengths. They came to be known as broadsides. Broadsides originally had no music but a note that the words were sung to a well known tune. Broadsides were popular in Britain, Holland, France, Italy, Spain and Germany and later in America. Interestingly, many early scholars distinguished between traditional ballads and broadsides, considering broadsides "bad representations of the original." (1)

Technically the term broadside does not refer solely to folk music. A broadside is normally considered any subject material printed only on one side of a sheet. Therefore, broadsides could also be a handbills, proclamations, advertisements, etc. Some sheets printed on both sides are still considered broadsides.......

also: Wiki. def:
A broadside is the side of a ship; the battery of cannon on one side of a warship; or their simultaneous (or near simultaneous) fire in naval warfare. ...

i have also heard that someone who does not have good aim is said
not to "be able to hit the broad side of a barn"

so there is some info about "broad" and "side"