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Posted By: Caitrin
16-Apr-00 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT Albert Hansell - Part 4
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT Albert Hansell - Part 4
Dangit, Peter!!!! You just messed with my ideas in a big big big way. Oh, well...I can handle it.

The Red Heron turned to the indignant cry to find a blaster leveled at his head. As he looked a bit further up, he saw a self-satisfied grin on the faces of the two young red-headed women, one of whom was holding the blaster.
"I wouldn't suggest moving, Mister. My sister's an excellent shot." Laz said.
"But how did you...?" he began to ask.
"Oh, puh-leeze." Lor scoffed. "Did you honestly think we couldn't switch places with our doubles? You apparently don't know much about time theory. We just went back a little before this happened. You missed it because you were too busy insulting us." Lor nodded quickly to her sister. "See if you can do anything about Mr. De Mornay."
The Red Heron still stood with the blaster aimed squarely at his forehead. "Now, would you like to give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you?"