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Posted By: Wavestar
15-Apr-00 - 10:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do Americans know II
Subject: RE: BS: Do Americans know II
Keli / Bridget -

You have indeed clarified things... and I'm glad you're not offended. You have several good points... and I'll try and tell you some thigns that I hope will encourage you. When I was your age, not so many years ago, I also felt like adults didn't listen, because teachers, administrators, etc, often DIDN'T- not only did they believe they knew best, but as I mentioned before, they were afraid and felt quite threatened by self confident, thoughtful and opinionated young people. So they blocked us out and tried to shut us up. Don't worry... It may take time, but eventually they'll listen... they'll have to... and they may even like it. Respect, as frustrating and unfair as that is, comes with time.

Religious opression, pressures, and prostelytising, I feel and have always felt, is wrong and very poor conduct besides. Don't let them tell you what to believe - stand up for your beliefs and your rights. It gets easier and easier to ignore it, or tell people to stop. Sometimes they even listen. Fortunately again, I think there are fewer people like that than tolerant people... not everywhere, but certainly where I live. It's everywhere... but you don't have to put up with it. Tell them to get out of your face. (Politely, of course :) And several times, I'm sure.)

As for that particular personal freedom you refer to... Move to Vermont. (or don't!) Write the Senate, from anywhere. Support the bill moving there right now. Every voice helps.

And you're right... apathy is awful. Sometimes it gets you when you're not looking... it;s a battle I fight all the time in Uni, and I hate it. But it's easier to fight if you know you don't want it! Good luck - the future is bright, you can only make it brighter. Sounds like you've got good plans for it.