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Posted By: Wavestar
15-Apr-00 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do Americans know II
Subject: RE: BS: Do Americans know II
I think there is room here for a word in defense of Goths, but I'll make it brief... don't judge the black clothing, or presume on the angst and attitude. Most of it's just for fun, like so much else.

As for saying like... We called it the like disease in high school, and I was afflicted myself... drove me crazy, but it's a hard speech pattern to break. It's human nature to pick up the speech patterns of those around you, even if you're disdainful of them. Take pity on your children... remind them that the like disease brands them like lepers! I've got even crazier British speech patterns building now... everyone at home looks at me real funny when I say cheers instead of thanks...

Kelida, I think I told you not to lose hope, and objected to some of your message, not because you didn't have any (if you hadn't, you wouldn't have bothered to write that), but because I think perhaps you've seen a bad example of American society... or maybe just not what you're looking for.

"Our parents remain secret middle-class elitists, hidebound to the bone, for all that their generation was one that affected much change and growth in American society."

Do they? Mine certainly aren't. Don't resent your parents too much, easy as it is at the moment. How are they hide bound? Is perhaps what you think of hidebound in fact them attempting to secure your future? Talk to your parents... they may have lost their ideals, but then again, they may not have. And I'm sure beyond a doubt that they want you to make a difference in this world, make a change, that they'd be proud of you for moving things towards being right. Its just more than likely that what they see as neccesary change and what you see are a little difference. How often do you really ASK them?

"We, our whole generation, may never have such an opportunity to change things. Now, before most of us reach our majority, the older generations seem bent on signing away our rights before we even have the chance to exercise them. "

What rights of yours have been signed away recently? I'm not doubting you... But I want to know. If the Bill of Rights were really the farce you seem to think it is, do you honestly think we'd still have the right to bear arms? This has been fought for so long because if it were taken away, the rest of the Bill would be subject to follow... and it's not. Sometimes I think people are right, and the freedom of speech is being used to cover inexcusable acts. But it's still defended... we're still some of the most free people on earth in so many respects - don't knock it.

" "An ye harm none, do as ye will." This is a good motto to live by, but in an age when personal freedom is quickly evaporating, we don't have the right to do as we will.."

We never have. But we've got more of it now than most people down the ages. Personal freedom is evaporating and expanding at the same time... the internet is a tremendously good example of that. Everything we do may be monitored, but something like the internet can never be policed. It can't be... it's bigger than any one country, or police force, and can't be shot down, or blown up... because it doesn't "physically" exist. Everything can be here... and no one can touch what you say, or get you for it.

But do continue to live by that rule... it's always a good one. Just please, give us more examples to back your opinions. What freedoms have you lost? I remember feeling as if I'd lost dozens... and then later I realised I hadn't lost them at all. They were waiting for me.

I may be underestimating you, and if I am, please forgive me. I just wonder if you're not feeling repressed by society and your parents, the way we all do and did... remember, you have such potential, people are often scared that you'll start changing the world before they are ready to give up their control of it.