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Posted By: Bill D
15-Apr-00 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do Americans know II
Subject: RE: BS: Do Americans know II
oh, the baseball cap worn backwards still 17 yr old son has a friend that affects that 'style'. My kid has his own ways...last summer he appeared with his head shaved..totally!..It was some rite of passage in the Kung-Fu group he was attending..(he is getting pretty good!)...but when he didn't get much reaction to the shaved head bit, (and when it began to itch), he began experimenting with his beard and wearing *LOUD* tee-shirts with wild animals and celtic knots on them. He's even doing some of his own designs on shirts now, and learning sea shanties..*grin*. And clothes? well, he got a summer job working in a Tuxedo rental shop, and wore one to school all day on Thurs. as a never know!

Yes, Kendall, even HE says 'like' in almost every sentence, and it almost drives me crazy, but I (mostly) bite my LEAST he doesn't say..."yuhnohwadimean" after every sentence. I guess he'll be ok...different form ME...but ok...