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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
09-Aug-07 - 07:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Headaches
Subject: RE: BS: Headaches
Good news for tea and coffee drinkers!

In a nushell - you can now count a small ammount of tea and coffee towards your water intake:-)

The concept that all alcoholic drinks are bad is also being reviewed - Although I suspect alcohol would do nothing to help your headaches! The principle is that although alcohol is diuretic, as is caffeine, the 95% of water, as in beer, will more than make up for it - As long as you stick to sensible ammounts (eg no more than 2 pints)

There is also a surpising ammount of water in food - Particularly fruit.

Remember as well that too much water will start flushing nutrients out of your body at a faster rate than they should be.

Moral? Just be careful not to overdo ANYTHING!