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Posted By: The Beanster
15-Apr-00 - 12:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Do Americans know II
Subject: RE: BS: Do Americans know II

I usually enjoy your postings because whether I agree with your views or not, you always state them strongly. No mincing words--I like that. I know what you mean about the humorous fashion choices that a lot of kids make but remember, just like we did, a kid's job from adolescence to young adulthood is to separate from Mom & Dad so they can grow up, become independent and eventually form their own families. So they try to find music, clothing, ideas, words, etc., that they consider their own--that their parents (hopefully) dislike and their peers do like. So yes, they become herd-like but at the same time, they're desperately trying to cut the apron strings from their parents and like Metchosin said, it is a necessary part of human development. It's a built-in mechanism for survival of the species, really. I know you know all this but it helps if you keep it in mind when you see such a funny sight as a kid with his drawers down around his knees looking "cool." lol

And what happened to the baseball hats worn backwards? Haven't seen that in a while...