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Posted By: Mbo
14-Apr-00 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
Slick Philly sat hunched up on the riverbank, watching as the Hansell & Greene boiled down the river into the distance, still going at full speed. Slick had managed to revive Miss Barky to some degree, and she now lay sleeping on the leaf bed he had made for her. Her clothes and face were stained with silt from the riverbotton, and her hair was tangled and wild. He looked back over his shoulder at her. There was nothing anyone could do to make her not beautiful to his mind. The tears once again flowed from his eyes, and his hands clenched in fists of determination. He had once told her that he'd throw himself in front of a freight train to save her...her mere existence had seriously changed his life, and he'd be DAMNED if he was going to let the Big Muddy steal her away from him. The afternoon was waning...he rose to his feet with a purpous...he started gathering wood for a fire...night would soon come upon them, and he did not want Miss Montesquieu to catch pneumonia in those wet clothes of her...anything to warm her up. He then noticed a sound, as if from oars paddling water...he turned around and stood on the bank...coming directly his way, almost hidden under the low hanging cypress trees, was a raft, with three dark figures on it. He began to wave his arms to signal them for help....

--Slick Philly Matt