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Posted By: John Hardly
01-Aug-07 - 06:49 AM
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"Boys…" Mr Wampler the troop leader addressed the young scouts that sat in a semi-circle at his feet, "…the easiest and most accurate way to tell the age of a guitar is to carefully count the growth rings apparent in the spruce top. If you'll notice, as with any wood, the top of the guitar will carry with it the exact age of the guitar by simply counting the stripes of grain…"

From the circle of boys a hand shyly rose

"Do you have a question, Jimmy?"

Jimmy nervously replied, "Um, yes, scout leader Wampler. Wouldn't it be easier to look at the serial number and check on the internet?"

"But, Jimmy, that isn't the boy scout way, now is it?" Mr Wampler sternly replied.

"But….." Jimmy began again.

"Jimmy, do you want your luthiery merit badge or not?"