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Posted By: Zhenya
31-Jul-07 - 09:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Headaches
Subject: RE: BS: Headaches

When I don't have Excedrin Migraine available, I also use just plain Advil. That works well for me too, although it takes somewhat longer to work than the Excedrin Migraine does. I think other brands also now have non-prescription migraine medicines (in fact, I think Advil may even have an "Advil migraine" or something like that), so if you can't find the Excedrin Migraine in your drugstore, you could check for other similar things.

By the way, if you do try the Excedrin Migraine, try it first with just one tablet, not two. The directions on the box I just checked say to take two, but also say not to exceed more that two tablets in 24 hours. I found the one tablet usually is enough to completely cure the headache, and has plenty of caffeine, so you don't want to overdo it! If it really doesn't work completely, then you still have the option of taking the second tablet the same day.

When my migraines were first diagnosed, the neurologist gave me Imitrex. I tried it on two occasions, and had such bad experiences both times, I never wanted to take it again. This was supposed to be the "non-drowsy" medicine, but it literally put me to sleep. Shortly after I took the first dose, I felt intensely drowsy, and just lay down in time. I also felt strong pressure on both sides of my neck (from the medicine's effect on the blood vessels I assume) that really scared me. In addition, although the migraine went away, it came back a few hours later. It was right about that time that Excedrin Migraine first came on the market, and I tried that, and felt much happier using that. When I take it, the migraine usually goes away, and doesn't come back. In all fairness, I've talked to several people who really like using Imitrex, and haven't had these kind of side effects, so it's just an individual thing here.