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Posted By: JenEllen
13-Apr-00 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
fine it my damn self....*bg*

Mario climbs out of the boiler for his noon meal, and he sees the mojo woman sunning herself on the deck of the Albert Hansell. She was dozing leaned against a whisky cask. Her skirts were hiked well above her knees, but somehow it didn't seem indecent.
The kestrel sat preening itself on the cask. It never made a sound, but it was watching Mario intently the entire time.
Mario didn't want to intrude on the lady, but dang it, she was sprawled right on his lunch-eating spot! So he walked to his seat and grumbled a quick hello. The mojo woman opened her eyes slowly, and didn't seem startled at all to find the fire keeper sitting beside her.
After the usual chit-chat about the weather and the price of licorice in St Louis, Mario hesitantly asked her "Them folks say you can tell the future, is that true?"
The woman's head flew back and a loud laugh erupted from her throat. In a flash - the woman held a deck of cards produced from the folds of her skirt. Mario gave an uneasy chuckle. They were the same cards he'd played when he lost his last week's pay in Jack High to the Gambler. She spread them on the deck with lightning speed. Piece by piece, she told the man what the future held for him.
Upon turning the first card:"You have both the knowledge and desire to succeed. This sensitivity has two sides for you. The sensitive person appreciates the valleys and heights of the human condition, and at the same time you feel alienated and out of step." The second card turned itself on the deck: "This is emphasized in your need to stand alone at times." The third card flipped next: "This journey held the promise of the ability to communicate insights while traveling and inspiring others." The fourth card: "You have a strong mind and a strong will. You are a brilliant addition to any collective effort, because you are capable of seeing and resolving many facets of a project simultaneously." She then took the man's hands and closed her eyes.
"You.....have saved every cent you've been paid on this journey, save the pittance lost to the Gambler. Your future holds....oh lovely day, a boat. But a boat powered by the air, and not a black oven. Big billowing sails, and you go with the dolphins dancing in your wake. Your hands holding the wheel of the schooner are clean, love, all of the soot and coal grime has been worn clean of those creases on your knuckles. You will be well."
With that she let go of his hands, gathered her cards, and left him to his lunch.