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Posted By: Bo
10-Feb-98 - 02:25 PM
Thread Name: Celtic Music
Subject: RE: Celtic Music
To Bruce O

The BS. from Anon was amusing and somewhat inspired by the multiple bits of history that I (for one) have trouble relating without the background education. I really appreciate having access to someone who has a background in this sort of history, please dont take offence at the small minded or easily bored.

Would you be so kind as to give a _real_ explanation of the (insert consonant) celts. I have read some broad histories of the celts\scottish etc people but I would really like to be able relate it to my folk education.

I understand that there are space constraints and I certainly dont want to make this drudgery for you but I would appreciate some background either on this topic or (probably better) under a new heading. If you would prefer email me at, but I think there are others on this forum who are serious enough to appreciate your words.