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Posted By: Bill D
10-Feb-98 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Celtic Music
Subject: RE: Celtic Music
Mr. Mulligan, sir,...

1) I would love to have Alta Vista, or other, software for my local and/or intranet searches, but it seems that almost all of it is WIN95 based, and I cannot use it, and it represents a cash outlay that I cannot deal with for the forseeable future..(I read recently that 70% or so of users still use WIN3.1)

2) If you add 'agressive' to 'snotty' in your characterization of Dick's very short & mild remark, you will find that you are pretty much out there by yourself.

3) If you have the audacity to describe the 30+ years of research that Bruce O has devoted to this field as 'BS', just because YOU don't care to follow the details, then you display abomnible manners! Yes...the parody was hilarious, and Bruce probably enjoyed it..(who know...maybe he wrote it..*shrug*), but the material being parodied is of inestimable use to some of us! You have already gotten the 'polite' responses to your remark...this is the one that others are probably thinking...... Do re-think how your words appear before you criticize!