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Posted By: Mickey191
28-Jul-07 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Headaches
Subject: RE: BS: Headaches
Thanks Kat for the very informative article. Did not know there was a World Headache Alliance. I tried the cold coffee & sugar drink because it was a suggestion as a possible fix. I knew I'd be unable to make a pot of coffee at 4:00 am because of the pain. So I did the cold bit. AS I said it did not help.

My normal day starts with one cuppa coffee & toast. Never consume it after 10:00am. I've never seen Excedrin-Migraine pills. Didn't know they existed-or are you referring to Excedrin PM?

My only conclusion is that my problem is weather related. Whether it's blood vessels expanding Or constricted as LTS said, I know not. Maybe it's a water shortage-I rarely drink plain water. I do drink Diet Pepsie (35mg. of caffeine). Honestly-I never checked the contents of the pepsie. I just see ZERO calories & that works for me. BUT---I drink it year round(2 a day average) So why have the headaches just started? It's a puzzlement! Thanks for your interest Kat.