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Posted By: autolycus
27-Jul-07 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Headaches
Subject: RE: BS: Headaches
A woman in her late 30s at work said to me that she'd heard what I'd being saying a coupla weeks before, and did I know what. I said what and she said,

"My migraine's gone."

I said, "What migraine," and she said, "I've always had a migraine. Amnd it's gone. "

Up to that point, she had always looked dead serious and strained; after, she always looked smiling.

What had she heard me say?

That people are dehydrated, and that a doc once told me most people do not drink enough water - note, not tea, coffe, aquah, but water.

I asked the doc what he meant by "Enough", and he said 6 pints a day.

And when the 50s lady mentioned abovekept being asked how come she was looking so well, and she explained she was drinking more water,

          they just laughed.

still, got rid of her migraine.