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Posted By: Zhenya
27-Jul-07 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Headaches
Subject: RE: BS: Headaches
Mickey191 - Yes, migraines are usually just on one side of the head (could be either side, and the same headache could switch sides at some point!) but occasionally I get one that spreads to my whole head, if I don't catch it soon enough. They also usually have other symptoms: nausea (this is why I have to wait a while to eat anything, to let the medicine start to take effect) and hypersensitivity to lights, sounds, and smells. There could be other symptoms as well, but anyway, it's on beyond just a headache.

I do know that the ones that start while I'm asleep and that I wake up with (or that wake me up) are the most severe ones. I guess this is because I can't get to the medicine soon enough, so they're full blown before I ever get to take anything. They tend to last a lot longer than the others. If this is the kind you usually get, I can understand why you're having trouble.

Mrrzy - that does sound strange! - but I'm going to give it a try the next time I have a migraine, before I try the medicine, or at least while I'm waiting for it to take effect. It also reminded me about another anti-migraine method I've heard of, that seems to help sometimes: Hold your earlobes using light pressure with your thumb and index finger, and open you mouth as if yawning.

My feeling with these severe headaches is, anything is worth a try. When they're at their worst, you really can't function in any meaningful way.