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Posted By: JennyO
25-Jul-07 - 09:15 AM
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I DON'T WORK FOR A LIVING (Collected Australian Version)

based on a song by James Mullen and Edward Leroy Freeman

I don't work for a living I get along alright without
I don't toil all day, I suppose it's because I'm not built that way
Some people work for love and say it's all sunshine and gain,
But if I can't get sunshine without any work I think I'll stay out in the rain!

They say we're all born for a purpose, they say we're all born with a gift
Some people like to be famous, I suppose it's by hard work and thrift.
There's lots of us fighting and striving, for seat down in the old A.C.T.
But if I've got a seat in my trousers, and a missus to work for me….


Now give me a nail and a hammer, and a picture to hang on the wall
And give me a strong step ladder, you know that I might fall,
And give me a couple of waiters, and a barrel of good old Bass Ale
And I bet you I'll hang up that picture, if somebody drives the nail.

Last Chorus
I don't work for a living I get along alright without
I live peacefully, labour disputes never worry me.
I love my family and the missus, o how I adore.
I decided to make them all happy, that's why I never go home anymore!