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Posted By: Dan Mulligan
09-Feb-98 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: Celtic Music
Subject: RE: Celtic Music
Um......... the makers of the big Internet search engines have software available for searching INTERNAL files. The software is readily available and not very expensive and will find the word that you are looking for whether it is buried in the article OR in the title. That way you don't have to choose to search one or the other. You can purchase software from Altavista for example that you can use on your PC to search your own files. In fact you can download a shareware version. Also I had no problem with the fact that he disagreed with me but that he took a tone that was aggresive, and I still don't understand why. And I agree with you Helen, that is probably the best reason to make a seperate thread for each new request. I just thought I would try it this way, I had no idea that it would be met with such vehement oposition. Also it has proven that a longer thread will be overrun by bores like Bruce O. that choose to dazzle us with their expertise on everything. So, I suppose that I am saying that I abandon my stance on the subject and concede defeat. I also would like to applaud the article by Anon. which is a hilarious parody on the B.S. that Bruce has been posting for the past weeks. Bravo. Dan Mulligan