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Posted By: Tim Jaques
09-Feb-98 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: St. Patrick's Day favourites
Subject: RE: St. Patrick's Day favourites
Foggy Dew. Being opposed to stirring up old quarrels I prefer the love song version.

I also like the song that Celtic Thunder sings about Paddy getting married, the name of which I can never remember.

A Nation Once Again, in both the slow and fast versions.

You always hear the Unicorn Song, which seems to be associated with the Irish merely because The Irish Rovers sang it. (Shel Silverstein wrote it.)

Up here they sometimes throw in a few Newfoundland songs, which in some cases could well be of Irish origin anyway. They often throw in a few Scottish tunes too, and few of the drunks notice.

They never sing the slow, melancholy love songs at which the Irish excel, probably because it's hard to make out slow, melancholy love songs over the din of hundreds of roaring drunks. "When A Man's In Love" is one such, and although the Chieftains did it I wouldn't swear that it is Irish in origin.

I also like a band that doesn't just do the pub favourites, but does sets of dances too.

Please, stay away from that silly green beer. Drink real Irish brew (why drink green Bud when you can drink real Guinness Extra Stout?), and real Irish whiskey (neat, not in Irish coffee.) I rather like that Irish whiskey called Redbreast, although it is a rare pub here that carries it.