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Posted By: Barry Finn
08-Feb-98 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: St. Patrick's Day favourites
A different version (more related to St. Patrick's Day) of "The Harp Without The Crown" than what's in the DT.

T'was of a famous Yankee ship
To New York she was bound
The captain being an Irishman
Belonged to Dublin Town

Ch. Harrah, harrah, to the gals of Dublin Town
Harrah for the bonnie green flag & the harp without the crown

And when he gazes land
That town of high renown
It's break away the green burgee
And the harp without the crown

The stars & stripes way high aloft
And fluttering all around
But underneath her monkey gaff
Flew the harp without the crown

T'was on the 17th of March
We arrived in New York Bay
The captain being an Irishman
Must celebrate the day

And now we're bound for Frisco, boys
And things are getting wild
The officers & men dead drunk
Around the decks they pile

But by tomorrow morning sir
We'll work without a frown
For on the saucy Shenandoah
Flies the harp without the crown

"Also called 'The Shenandoah' or 'The Gals Of Dublin Town'. Joanna Colcord has it as a forebitter or foc's'le song sung to the tune of 'The Banks Of Newfoundland' Hugill has it as a capstan shanty with the verses sung similar to the tune of 'The Wearing Of The Green' & the chorus 'The Bonnie Blue Flag", from Hugill's Shanties Of The Seven Seas.