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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
10-Apr-00 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: Train Songs
Subject: Lyr Add: One More Ride (Garnet Rogers)^^
Let's not forget Jethro Tulls "Locomotive Breath!! LOL!! O.k.. so it's not actually about a train... but what the hell! LOL!!

Maybe I'll submit the lyrics to the One More Ride that I know...

(Garnet Rogers)

My legs had gone to sleep By the time we made Swift Current
I gathered up my suitcase and guitar
When I saw him on the platform in a cap and baggy trousers
He nodded as I stepped down from the car
I was zipping up my coat; he was flagging down a taxi
For a flustered mother, He sent her on her way
A young woman turned and asked me
"Does that man work for the railroad?"
I said "No, that's Bill, he's here every day.

That's old Bill, he's down here every day
He likes to work, he won't take pay
He's been here since he retired in 82
I've seen his kind everywhere I go
They're made to feel to old and slow
They're restless when they have no job to do

He wants one more ride, before his time is over
I think he worked these rails before the war
One more ride, and you know he'd better hurry
The railroad won't come through here anymore."

He was blowing across his coffee At the counter in the restaurant
I sat down next to him and said "hello"
I said, "I guess the days are numbered
When you can work here at the station
They're closing down the line, now where'll you go?"

He shook his head, he bit his lip, His cup and saucer rattled
He cleared his throat and slowly turned around
He said, "I don't know what I'll do, I'm too old to change my habits
I can't believe they'd close the railway down."

He said, "I love the sound, I even love the smell
God damn the bastards all to hell
How dare they say the railroad won't pay?

I wanted one more ride, before my time was over
To feel the wind and hear the diesels roar.
One more ride, to dream when I was younger
But dreams count for nothing anymore."

Well I gave into the impulse, I ran and bought a ticket
I brought it back and I set it by his side
i said, "Let's head out west together, I tell my best lies in a club car
Come on old man, let's take one more ride.

We'll drink and watch the sun sink in flames across the prairie
At nighttime feel the darkened coaches sway
We'll hear the whistle echo through a thousand icy canyons
Come on old man, let's go. What do you say?"

His eyes grew bright he raised his chin
A longing hit him like a gust of wind
And then he shook his head and whispered
"Thanks, but no,
Some dreams you win, some dreams you hold,
Some haunt you like the gleam of gold
And I'll hang on to this one
Thank you all the same."

One more ride, the time is over
We stood outside and watched the sun go down
One more ride I heard him whisper in the darkness
And he turned to walk toward the lights of town

A fantastic song, if I've ever heard one!