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07-Jul-07 - 08:48 PM
Thread Name: Little known '60s Folk Singers
Subject: RE: Little known '60s Folk Singers
I've just now checked back on this list to find the responses about Leonda Hardison.

My dad "Doc" Comins did sell the Turks Head in Boston in '67. He thought it was getting too crazy in the city after he and Rolf Cahn, when walking along the Boston Commons, were mugged by 3 men. The story goes that Rolf spotted them coming and said to my dad: "You take the one on the left, kick him in the balls with all your might. I'll take the other two."

Sure enough, the fellow in the middle pulled a knife. Rolf emitting a blood curtling karate scream kicked him in the head, knocking him out. My dad kicked the other guy in the nuts, and Rolf had the third guy by the throat. He quickly gave up the assault and ran. The man with the knife was completely motionless. Rolf and Arn departed the scene swiftly, and they didn't look back.

Which reminds me that Rolf was a pretty heavy duty guy, when he was mad. I have other good stories about Rolf. Probably not appropriate for this thread.

How many on this list have played at the Turks Head before '68, and who are you. I was the smallest of the 4 kids running around.