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Posted By: Bruce O.
08-Feb-98 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: St. Patrick's Day favourites
Subject: Lyr Add: ST. PATRICK'S DAY
Here's a couple of old tunes that maybe someone can supply songs for.

St. Patrick's Day [in the morning]. Here is an early and strange copy. The familiar tune is the 6/8 part at the end. Read sideways S over a note as 'tr'.

X:1 T:ST. PATRICK'S DAY N:Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion N:Bk. 11, c 1759-60 Q:60 M:C L:1/4 K:G D/2E/2 GG(A/2B/2)|d3/2e/2 (d/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|B(A/2B/2) (c/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|EE~E3/2D/2|(D/2E/2)G(G/2A/2)(B/2c/2)|d3/2e/2 (d/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|B(A/2B/2) (c/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|EGG2::d(e/2g/2)g3/2f/2|(g/2f/2)(e/2d/2)~e(d/2B/2)|d(e/2g/2)g3/2f/2|(g/2f/2)(e/2d/2)e3/2g/2|(d/2B/2)(A/2G/2)G(A/2B/2)|d3/2e/2 (d/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|g3/2e/2 (d/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|EEE3/2G/2|(D/2E/2)G(G/2A/2)(B/2d/2)|(e/2c/2)(B/2G/2) (d/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|BA/2B/2 (c/2B/2)(A/2G/2)|EGG2:|M:6/8 L:1/8 GAG GAB|ded dBA|BAB BAG|EFE~E2D|GAG GAB|ded dBG|~BAB BGD|E3G3:: def g2e|f2d~e2B|def g2e|~f2de3|def g2e|~f2d edB|defg2e|~f2de2g|dBG GAB|ded dBG|BAB BGE|EFE E2D|GAG GAB|ded dBG|BAB BGE|~E3G3:|]

X:2 T:St. Patrick's Day in the Evening N:R. Bride's 24 Country Dances for the Year 1766 Q:60 M:6/8 L:1/8 K:Dm (d2e) (f2g)|fed^c2A|(d2e) (f2g)|afd^c2A|(d2e) (f2g)|(A3 A)GF|G2AB2G|AFDD3::F2F F2/F/2cF|A2F cAF|G2AB2G|cAG FDE|F2F F/2F/2cF|A2F cAF|G2AB2G|AFDD3:|]