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Posted By: HuwG
04-Jul-07 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Dumb commercials on TV
Subject: RE: Dumb commercials on TV
Ironically, it is usually the most evil products i.e. tobacco, which produced the best advertisements.

I recall one which starred comedian Russ Abbott, after getting inspiration from a certain brand of cigar, using a home-made blunderbuss to blast ten clay pigeons in flight. The camera then cut to the operator of the clay pigeon trap ... Des O'Connor, who was loading the trap with CDs labelled "Russ Abbott's greatest hits".

Another had no commentary, just stock footage of American steam locomotives of the 1930s in majestic progress, with a background soundtrack of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning".

Of course I cannot remember either brand. Not only do I not smoke, but the advertisers failed to hammer the product name into my head with a nauseating discord and inane unrhyming lyrics.

The demon drink now ... with certain exceptions, if it is advertised on the TV, I regard it as guaranteed to be utter swill. (Guinness is the one exception which springs readily to mind.)