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Posted By: Barky
09-Apr-00 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
This is getting good, guys! I suppose I should add my 0.02 worth, eh?

As they watched the captain change from a light blue, to a purple, to a lime green, to a yellow, to a normal color, Miss Montesquiue and Slick stood back with slack jaws and wide eyes. Suddenly, the captain sat up, and exclaimed loudly (which was normal for Captain Catspaugh), "What the HELL is going on here?! Why the hell is no one working, and why the HELL are the engines laboring so hard to work?! LET'S GO, PEOPLE!!!!"

~Miss Montesquiue