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09-Apr-00 - 01:46 AM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
I apologize for contributing to the confusion, although I have had a few rude shocks myself. Here is the cast of major characters; I hope I have not left anything out of importance, but if I have please excuse me. It is late.


Dramatis Personae
Persona Orignated By Summary
Captain Catspaugh Catspaw 49 Master of the Albert Hansell; originated the smuggling plan, stopping at a small sand island near the New Liberty bend; suspicious of the Gambler; mysteriously knocked unconscious by an Orinoco bird-dart.  Alleged by Leej to be in league with saboteurs.
Robert E. Leej, a sometimes actor and gentleman adventurer Leej Friend and helper to Catspaugh in his smuggling adventure; later involved in the sabotage plot -- with the Deckhand, acted against the apparent saboteur and shot him, although not mortally, but then alleged to be in cahoots with the saboteur, identified as Shadrach DeSoto; shot the Deckhand, sending overboard; later ordered the Capn to be dosed with laudanum to prevent his plot for sabotage with his conspirator deSoto from being thwarted. 
The Deckhand (Jeremy Fontaine De Neufchat Piedmont ) Amos Songster, lead thrower; interceded on the arrival of the Trapper by slicing open his rucksack and discovering the mysterious Fontaine family medallion, allegedly tracing back to the crusades. Later saved the ship from being blown apart by his quick action. Was unexpectedly shot by the treacherous R.E. Leej, and saved from drowning by the  intervention of two boys -- one black, one white, who were drifitng down theriver on a crude raft
The Gambler Amos Mysterious, but apparently harmless -- he follows events with close attention and appears to have prior connections with several characters, especially Sara Belle Fontaine.  He intercepts her note to RE Leej in which she refutess knowing him before and implies she is covering up past history; he also intercepts the deckhand seeking to take the First Medallion to her and secures it carefully in his cabin. He diagnoses the mysterious attack on Catspaugh and provides the mean to heal it, returning him to consciousness. He tries to converse with Sarah Belle about her legacy and the mystery around it, after disarming and whisking her away from the scene where she inadvertantly shoots Albert, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Mojo Woman. It is he who reveals to the group the strange workings of the original Medallion, projecting from it a strange message from the future voiced by someone named Mudcat Radio. Later, he draws a gun on the actor Cassius de Mornay, and shoots him, at which point both the Gambler and the ham Shakespearean disappear.  The Gambler revives on a strange ship where communication is provided by a computerized but human voice who schedules a meeting with "the Senior", not yet revealed as Lazarus Long.
Sarah Belle Fontaine katlaughing A lovely post-bellum Belle with charming airs and a somewhat mysterious past. Believes herself to be the daughter of wealthy Judge Fontaine of Baton Rouge. However carefully denies prior acquaintance with RE Leej and only admits having once known the gambler when forced to it; is fixated on recovering the original medallion as her family legacy, and for some time believes other versions of it to be phony.  There is sme doubt cast on the judge's wealth, as well as his sobriety and actual paternity in the matter. During the crisis on the bridge/captain's cabin she throws off her delicate facade and reveals herself to be a ferocious master of martial arts, demanding all true (tatooed) members of the Cat clan to reveal themselves, but this dramatic stance is interrupted by other events
Slick Philly Matt Mbo A dapper, zealous youth with a sweet voice and a big heart, he is occasionally confused buis always constant in his deeply passionate attentions to Miss Montesquieu
Miss Montesquieu Barky A genteel Southern gitl with a voice like an angel, somewhat given to vapors and fainting, leads Philly to the captain's cabin to revice C. Spaugh using the remedy provided by Mary Greene, when C Spaugh is overdosed with laudanum.
Mate Dave  Dave TAM Loyal, fast-acting Mate on the Albert,ready to take up arms in defense of his ship or his Captain; gets somewhat thrown off by the strange complexities of plot as described by the actor Cassius de Mornay.
Cassius de Mornay Peter T. Brilliant Shakespearean has-been who once found a medallion like the Fontaine original on an evil character who was involved in the assassination of President Lincoln at Ford's Theater.  Found a similar medallion on a young Confederate soldier during the war named Fontaine who turned out to be Sarah Belle's grandfather;  weaver of strange hypothesis claiming the existence of an evil cult called the Red Herons who are battled through time by a good group identified by the medallions, possibly, and the symbol of a Catfish.
Mojo Woman JenEllen Mysterious seer with secondsight, she defends Sara Belle ferociously and gains far-seeing visions of  events through her familiar, a beautiful kestrel, whom she inadvertantly sets alight, but who survives.
Albert Hansell Bert The man for whom the boat is named; catches fish, and a stray bullet fired by Sarah Belle in a moment of distress.
Mary Greene Amos Famous the length of the river as the only female riverboat captain, she is stout, redheaded, hot tempered and pushy; she nearly takes all the medallions when she leaves the Albert to return to her own boat, the Maid of the Ohio but is prevented by fast action by the Mate.