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Posted By: JennyO
30-Jun-07 - 11:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tea Bags or Loose Tea?
Subject: RE: BS: Tea Bags or Loose Tea?
Thinking of the different milks - back in the Dark Ages when I was married, we went on a camping holiday for a couple of weeks, and took a tube of condensed milk with us for our tea. We liked our tea pretty sweet, so it was okay. I only have a little sugar now, so I'd probably find it too sweet. It certainly is convenient though. What they did on the steam railways sounds good to me.

Evaporated milk is the wrong taste, and I can't understand people who put soy milk in tea - I like soy milk in certain contexts - actually prefer it on porridge, but in tea? Yuk! Longlife milk has a taste that spoils it for me, and skim milk in tea is pretty horrible too. Really it's gotta be plain cow - only a dash though.

I like my tea fairly strong, and it has to be hot. I like Dilmah, an Aussie brand called Billy Tea, Twinings Russian Caravan tea and Prince of Wales tea. I've tried white tea and quite liked it too - not much colour though - to be expected with something called white tea I suppose.

I know someone who drinks Rooibos tea. Never tried it, and I don't feel like trying it really. With herbal teas and those kind of drinks, I think you have to not think of them as tea at all as Giok said.

For a completely different experience, I'm rather fond of chai - not thinking of it as a cup of tea, but just a lovely drink. If I'm out at a Chinese restaurant, a pot of jasmine tea is nice too. I've noticed it can get bitter towards the end if you leave it too long though.