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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Ryszkiewicz
29-Jun-07 - 04:33 PM
Thread Name: Little known '60s Folk Singers
Subject: RE: Little known '60s Folk Singers
C.Ham: HA HA HA HA HA!!!. I didn't hear that part. Tex was a close friend, and the person I got that from knew him as well, and was there. I guess that little walk didn't last TOO long before somebody said, "Hey. Isn't that Dylan?" And then the S#!% must have hit the fan...Tex knew Dylan from the Village so I guess they met for a bit before the crowd took notice. I don't know for sure. I wasn't there.
Tex used to talk about Dylan all the time...Another friend gone to Folk Heaven. Anyhound(I think I got that expression from Tex, an old memory), Chris Rawlings was just over here at my studio on Monday, along with the rough edit of his new CD. We talked about going to that Ormstown thing that's coming up. He's in, for sure. And anybody that can memorize "Rhyme of the Ancient Marriner" and turn it into a 50 minute performance piece has got to be some kinda Folksinger, right? Yes, Soup de Jour, Pearl River Turnaround, all those songs... Gilles Losier was the piano tuner for Place des Arts( or at least in their doing it from time to time.) Gilles plays fiddle, upright bass, piano, and God knows what else. I haven't seen him in years. Once told me you can't imagine what it's like being born blind and then experiencing color for the first time(I think it was around 6 years old)A great memory. Funny I don't remember any Hoots at the Back Door. Maybe for a short period. That was usually reserved for top shelf artists. Tex worked the coffee bar for a bit. Do you mean The Yellow Door? The hoots were always on Sunday nights. The second floor near the fireplace was where we used to tune up before going in the basement. I wish they would have recorded some of the stuff that went on. It would have made for an incredible compilation album. You would have gotten artists "trying out " songs on the audience. Wish you well...bob