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Posted By: Amos
08-Apr-00 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
Subject: RE: TAVERN STEAMBOAT- Albert Hansell Part 3
The stout redheaded virago captain of the Maid of the Ohio had had enough. Stepping deftly to the side of the stunned Mate, whose attention had been distracted by the sight of a brief, violent, flame passing the bridge windows forward, the sound of a shot, and the general improbability of everything he had witnessed, she relieved him of his heavy six-shot Army Colt revolver, and snapped the attention of the crew on the bridge suddenly into the harsh realities of nineteenth century river life by firing the first shot straight into the overhead, filling the enclosed area with booming echoes.

"OK, you crazy Cats, eenuff is eenuff," she spat at the half-dazed crowd. "I dunno who you are, where you came from, or where Cassius and that gambler feller went, but I know this much. I have a ship to run and I ain't about to let a bunch of half-crazed cultie time traveler dudelos rustle me outta it.

" So, Mr Philly....", she waved the gun menacingly, "If'n you'd be so kind just do me the favor of rustling all them there medallions into that there mailsack." As the dapper, wide-eyed youth did so, the stout red headed Bitch of the Mississippi turned her stare and the mean business end of the Army Colt on the rest of the assembly. "Y'all want to sort this out after we tend to our immedjit business can contact me in New Orleans in care of the Green River Lines office. I'm taking these hyar baubles as surety. First one follows me down trhet ladder is a dead alleycat."

Grabbing the saddle-bag style mail sack with one hand she threw it over her shoulder, reached in a pocket and drew out a gold eagle and a small vial filled with a bluish-green fluid, secured with a strangely wrought glass stopper in the form of Mississippi catfish rampant. She handed both items to young Philly, pushed past him to the companion way and said as she started down, "The coin's for yer trouble. The vial's for Capn's Spaugh -- I never meant him no trouble but he has bilgerats on board. I suggest you bring him outta that laudanum fix he's in before this tub runs aground and drowns you all.

She bvanished toward the foredeck where another shot could be heard, a muffled scream as one of the shadowy hands lurched over the rail into the water, and a great deal of rumbled cursing as MAry Greene commandeered the skiff laden with bales and a strapping young buck to man its oars, and still waving the menacing iron in the general direction of the Albert, vanished into the dark mix of black Mississippi air and balck Mississippi waters without a trace, heading for invisible Maid.