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Posted By: The Walrus
26-Jun-07 - 03:48 AM
Thread Name: Weird last names
Subject: RE: Weird last names
"...My mom knew a family who's last name was Lear. When they had their daughter,they thought it would be a hoot to name their daughter Chanda.Her name is Chanda Lear... "
They could have called her "Goneril", "Regan" or "Cordelia" - not funny, just a Shakespearian reference.

I knew a couple called 'Palliss' who seriously considered calling their daughter "Crystal" (The reference probably means more to Brits than Americans).

It's not just a matter of names, initials can be a problem.
As an Army cadet, we had an RSM called Frank Kick, there was some amusement when we saw, on 'orders', that his middle iniial was "T" (F.T. Kick)
Also. As a child, I lived in a fairly 'tight' community, although part of London, everyone seemed to be linked by a web of family relationships. A few doors away from us lived my cousin's great-uncle and aunt* and her, an old couple known to most of the kids as "Uncle Bob and Auntie Ginger**".
The unfortunate part was that 'Uncle Bob" (born in a more innocent age, no doubt) was christened "Robert", no problem, except that his surname was 'Sole".

As for me, well, I got my initials before 'hole in the wall machines', but, my initials are ATM and yes, I do get the odd money-machine comment (I'm still yet to hear one that makes me laugh).


* The aunt of my Mother's Brother's wife
** I don't think I ever knew her real name, she was always 'Ginger'