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Posted By: Charley Noble
15-Jun-07 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Songbook Index
Subject: RE: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Index
Well, one of the more interesting sea music anthologies that's from the 1920's revival has to be SONGS OF THE SEA AND SAILORS' CHANTEYS, edited by Robert Frothingham, published by Houghton Mifflin Co., Cambridge, MA, 1924. It's generally available on the used bookseller websites and not too pricey:

A Long Time Ago-Traditional
"A Sailorman's a Freeman" by Archie Austin Coates
Abandoned in the Ice by Chart Pitt
Alchemy by Crosbie Garstin
The Anchor by William Laird
Apostrophe to the Ocean by Lord Byron
Ballad of New Bedford by Aaron Davis
Ballad of the "Bolivar" by Rudyard Kipling
Ballad of the New Figurehead by Blanche Elizabeth Wade
Beach-Comber by Harry Kemp
Below the Line by William Daniel
Billy Peg-Leg's Fiddle by Bill Adams
Blow, Boys, Blow-Traditional
Blow the Man Down-Traditional
The Boatswain's Story by A. Binns
Boney Was a Warrior-Traditional
Burial at Sea by A. Binns
The Call of the Seven Seas by Kendall Banning
A Capital Ship by Charles Edward Carryl
A Ceylon by Hugh Fisher
Cheer of "The Trenton" by Walter Mitchell
The China Clipper by Aaron Davis
The Coasters by Thomas Fleming Day
D'Avolo's Prayer by John Masefield
Dash to the Pole by A. Wallace Irwin
Dead Horse-Traditional
The Deckhands by Anonymous
Deep-Water Song by John Reed
Derelict by Young Ewing Allison
The Delelict by C. Fox Smith
The Derelict's Return by Lieut. John Anderson, RNR
The Destroyer Men by Berton Braley
Drake's Drum by Sir Henry Newbolt
"Drint to the Men Who have Gone Ashore" by William McFee
L' Envoi by Bill Adams
Euthanasia by Colby Rucker
Farewell and Adieu to You-Traditional
The Fate of the Good Intent by Overland
The First American Sailors by Wallice Rice
Fish-Wharf Rhapsody by Frederick Manley
Fog by Anonymous
Four Deep-Sea Tars and Another by Anonymous
Freighters by Edmund Leamy
Ghost Ships by Gordon Seagrove
The Golden Vanity-Traditional
The Great Seducer by Cale Young Rice
Green Escape by Christopher Morley
Hail "Tusitala" by Joseph Conrad
Hanging Johnny-Traditional
Haul Away, Joe-Traditional
Haul the Bowline-Traditional
Haven by Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer
Herve Riel by Robert Browning
High Barbary-Traditional
High Tide at 4 A.M. by William McFee
Homeward Bound-Traditional
Homeward Bound by William Daniel
"I've Been Dreamin'" by Bill Adams
The Incorrigible by Larry O' Conner
Islands by Richard Butler Gleanzer
The Isle of Otherie by John Williams Brotherton
Johnnie Chantey-Man by Bill Adams
Johhny Bowker-Traditional
L'envoi by Bill Adams
The Landlubber's Toast by Thomas R. Ybarra
The Last Chantey by Rudyard Kipling
The Last Harbor by Helen Ives Gilcrist
The Last Port by John D. Swain
The Last Ship by Glenn Ward Dresbach
The Last Voyage by Norah M. Holland
The Leadman's Song by W. Pearce
Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her-Traditional
The "Leviathan's" Three Hundred by Anonymous
The Long Trail by Rudyard Kipling
The Lost Ship by Eugene R. White
The Lubber by Carol Haynes
Mariners by David Morton
Of Mariners by Harold Vinal
The Marines' Hymn by Anonymous
The Master by Charles Buxton Going
Mercantile Jack by Harold Begbie
Merchandise by Anonymous
Messmates by Sir Henry Newbolt
O, Falmouth is a Fine Town by William E. Henley
Of Mariners by Harold Vinal
Of the Lost Ship by Eugene R. White
To an Old Barge by Gordon Seagrove
The Old Pilot Speaks by Phoebe Hoffman
The Old Sailor by Glenn Ward Dresbach
The Old-Timer by R. M. Patterson, Jr.
On First Seeing the Ocean by John G. Neihardt
One More Day-Traditional
Out of the Fog by Dana Burnet
Paddy Doyle-Traditional
Pagan Hymn by A. John Runcie
Penang by Cale Young Rice
The Pirates of Tortuga by Hermann Hagedorn
The Plains of Mexico-Traditional
The Port o' Heart's Desire by John S. McGroaty
The Port o' Missing Ships by Norah M. Holland
Portrait of a Sailor by Milton Raison
Ports of Call by Leo Hayes
Realization by Ira South
The Reefs by Crosbie Garstin
The Remedy by Harry Kemp
The return by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Reuben Ranzo-Traditional
The "Revenge" by Alfred Tennyson
Rhyme of an Ancient Mariner by Anonymous
Rio Grande-Traditional
River Boat by Anonymous
Roll the Cotton Down-Traditional
Rolling Home-Traditional
Running the Eastern Down by Felix Riesenberg
The Rush of the "Oregon" by Arthur Guiterman
Sailing Directions by Gordon Malherbe Hillman
Sailing Orders by Anonymous
To a Sailor Buried Ashore by Charles D. B. Roberts
Sailor's Consolation by William Pitt
A Sailor's Yarn by James Jeffrey Roche
Sailors by J. Warren Merrill
Sally Brown-Traditional
The Saving of the "Cora Adams" by Lewis R. Freeman
Sea Born by Harold Vinal
A Sea Dirge by William Shakespear
Sea fever by Mary Carolyn Davies
Sea-Fever by John Masefield
A Sea-Going Rubaiyat by William Francis Roantree
The Sea Gypsy by Richard Hovey
"The Sea is a Harp" by William Hamilton Hayne
Sea mood by Milton Raison
Sea Song by Charles Wharton Stork
The sea Tramp by Burt Franklin Jenness
The Sea Wind by Berton Braley
The Seafarer by Anonymous
The Seafaring Turn by Ira South
Sealed Orders by E. E. C. Gibbs
Service Stripes by Berton Braley
"Shipping News" by David Morton
The Ships by Thomas Fleming Day
"Ships That Pass" by C. Fox Smith
Sing a Song of Steerage by Christopher Morley
Song for All Seas, All Ships by Walt Whitman
Song of the Derelict by John McCrae
A Song of the Freebooters by Eugene R. White
South Sea Stuff by James J. Montague
Square peg by Gordon Seagrove
The Stalking of the Sea-Wolves by Charles W. Thompson
Taken Ship by Charles Buxton Going
The Tankers by Gordon Malherbe Hamilton
Ten Thousand Miles Away by Anonymous
The Wide Missouri-Traditional
There's Nothing like a Ship at Sea by Harry Kemp
The Three Fishers by Charles Kingley
The Three Ships by C. Fox Smith
Three Tarry Men by Edmund Leamy
A Time-Expired Man by John G. Gartland
To a Sailor Buried Ashore by Charles G. D. Roberts
To an Old Barge by Gordon Seagrove
Tom Bowling by Charles Dibden
Tom's Gone to Ilo-Traditional
The Tops'l Schooner by Kenneth rand
The Tracks of the Trades by Lewis R. Freeman
"Tramp Steamer Standing Out, Sir" by James V. Murray
A "Tusitala" Forebitter by W. L. Werner
"Tusitala's" Christening Ode by R. D. Turnball
The Voyagers by Henry Adams Bellows
The Ward Room Toast by Anonymous
The Water-Front by Anonymous
We'll Go to Sea No More by Miss Corbett
We're All Bound to Go-Traditional
West India Dock Road by Thomas Burke
What ho! She Blows! By Wallace Irwin
Where Lies the Land? by Arthur Hugh Cloud
Whisky for My Johnnie-Traditional
The Wide Missouri-Traditional
The "William P. Frye" by Jeanne Robert Foster
Window Song by Nancy Shores
Windows Over Water by Leslie Nelson Jennings
The Wistful One by Abigail Cresson
With the Submarines by Don Marquis
The Wooley by Richard Butler Glaenzer
The World of Ships by Burt Franklin Jenness

This anthology includes both traditional songs, contemporary songs (from the early 20th century), and nautical poetry. Several women composers are included. There are many jewels in this collection, awaiting refurbishing. Unfortunately there is no musical notation. However, there is an excellent forward and full references and the whole anthology is clearly a labor of love.

Charley Noble