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Posted By: Bat Goddess
09-Jun-07 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon In Hospital - June 9, 2007
Subject: BS: Curmudgeon In Hospital - June 9, 2007
Tom woke up cold and shivering this morning and I had been worried about him then (it wasn't cold). Then about 45 minutes later he called me downstairs to get my own coffee (he brings me tea on weekdays and coffee on weekend). I went down and asked him how he was -- he said he felt like dogshit, so I asked if he wanted to go to the emergency room. He said he wasn't sure. I said I'd get dressed. He said, "Have some coffee first." I said, "I'm getting dressed."

And when I came back downstairs he said he thought going to the emergency room was a good idea, so we headed out. Can't remember when exactly we got there, but it was well before 9.

His heart was racing and his blood pressure was low. And he had a fever. He spent most of the day in the ER, then they sent him up to ICU mid-afternoon. Not sure exactly what the problem is, but they had him on antibiotics all day because of his heart valve replacement three years ago and it looks like he could have some kind of infection (part of it possibly caused by an inflamed and swollen elbow). Could also be pneumonia despite the first x-ray looking clear and him having had a pneumonia vaccine.

He just had a check up Monday and his defibrillator was read the Friday before -- and the medicos all agreed he was in great shape. And he felt great right up until waking up this morning.

We were supposed to sing today for the Friends of Odiorne and the anniversary of the Science Center, since we used to sing for their fundraisers. So we had to cancel that.

I just got home (6:30-ish p.m.) and I'm eating the calzone I picked up on the way, trying not. I've got phone calls to make, emails, etc. And I'm going in to work tomorrow so I can get the magazine wrapped up so all I'll have to deal with Monday morning is the cover (and my ADD boss) and can get it to the printer and then boogie on out of there to the hospital.

If I stop to think about it all (you know about the missing cat and the job search disappointments, etc.), I might just start feeling overwhelmed.

This isn't exactly how I had envisioned celebrating my birthday -- but, then again, I highly doubt this is what Tom had in mind, either!

I won't know more until tomorrow. Looks like he'll be in the hospital at least through Monday.

I've got to go listen to voicemail and call my mother.