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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
05-Jun-07 - 09:14 PM
Thread Name: Songs about getting really old?
Subject: Lyr Add: FREEWHEELING (parody)
Here's a parody of the song by Jim Reid which was mentioned way back above called "Freewheeling".
I wrote this parody for the thousands of people who did the Glasgow to Edinburgh charity bike ride last summer, some of whom were definitely "getting older" but doing their best to keep fit! They broke their journey for refreshment in Linlithgow where we provided some musical entertainment. Other parodies included "Ride On" and "O Pedallers of Scotland"(You may need a glossary for a few of the Scots words!)
I'll try to post the original Jim Reid words later.

(Based on song by Jim Reid parody 24.08.06.)

They're getting ower the hill it seems
Tho' their bikes are not all young,
It's half a hunner miles they ride
And they're daein' it for fun?
But they've another twenty miles tae go
Afore they finish,
They'll get a bowl o' pasta here
Bu ne'er a pint o' Guinness.

Freewheeling noo, freewheeling noo,
Gets easier every day,
Just tak' it slow, where'er you go,
Freewheeling doon the brae.

Their bikes are getting muddy noo,
Could do wi' a good wash,
But careful by the Union canal
Or there could be a big splash.

There's some folk trim and slim and fit
And ayeways keep their cool,
And others red-faced puff and pant
Havenae ridden a bike since school.

The shorts are clingin', oxters mingen,
And someone's feet are smelly,
But me, I think I'd raither be
Back hame beside the telly.

So tuck in tae the scran that's here
You're certain tae gae faster
While some might cry it rocket fuel,
I think it's only pasta.

But jokes apart, we do admire
Brave lads and lassies who ride,
I ken you'll look back on this day
And remember us with pride.
Chorus x 2