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Posted By: GUEST,reggie miles
05-Jun-07 - 04:34 AM
Thread Name: Songs about getting really old?
Subject: Lyr Add: I'M OLD (Reggie Miles)
Here's a jolly song about gettin' old.

I'm Old Reggie Miles 2007

I'm old, yes I'm old, and I found out today,
My tired old frame just gets in the way.
So I guess I'll move on and try to find me some place,
Where a man can grow older and die with some grace.

I've done so many things with the times of my life.
I courted a beauty and made her my wife.
I found a good job, and then we settled down
We bought a small house on the outskirts of town.

I raised a fine family. Shall I tell you their names?
Well, there's Johnny and Mary, and Annie and James.
But now they've all gone and I'm bent from the wear.
With withered ol' limbs and gray shaggy hair.

I'm old, yes I'm old, and I found out today,
My tired old frame it just gets in the way.
I'm off on my own after all of these years,
Filled with laughter and love and sadness and tears.

The American dream, I've lived it you see
Spent all of my life in this land of the free
I've leveled her mountains, farmed her great plains
Dammed mighty rivers, and poisoned her rains

I've reaped vast wealth from polluting her soil
I've spoiled her oceans by spilling her oil
There's not a fish in the sea, nor a bird in the air
That hasn't suffered or died while under my care

I'm old, yes I'm old, and I realized today,
My time 'round here hasn't all gone my way.
I've found no balance in this worldly place
Only struggles and strife over faith, wealth, and race.

I've fought mighty battles and wars by the score
I've left thousands to starve, and ignored the poor
Destruction and death have been my legacy
In the wake of such hate who cares about me?

I've left no solutions only more of the same
No comfort I've given to ease anyone's pain
My words have been lies; my heart's been a stone
I guess it's befitting that I die all alone

I'm old, yes I'm old and I've naught left to do
But to say goodbye and farewell to you
And if I should ever pass this way again
I'll try to do better with my spent here then