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Posted By: GUEST,Ralphie
28-May-07 - 06:31 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Hi Tyke.

Glad you've learned how to spell Nics name correctly

Cut and paste coming up.
(It's quite theraputic doing this in the wee small hours...mind you it's easier replying to you than shooting herrings , red or otherwise in a barrel)


"Ralphie or is it Ralph you will have to take up my not intentional rude ness to Nic with Bill Gates as its his spellchecker that I am using. But how rude is it to smash up an Artists Album in a record shop? Even if you did pay for it first!"

To My Friends it's Ralph/Ralphie.
To you it is Mr Jordan. (Mainly because I don't consider that we have a friendship. Sad but true)

As for the terrible sight of me destroying a Bulmer release in a record shop.
Woops sorry, was that an offence bigger than the Great Train Robbery??

It certainly made the manager think about who he was dealing with.
Yes, of course it was petty and childish....but it worked.
That shop doesn't stock such product anymore,

Keep it coming Tyke Old Bean.
The longer you keep this thread alive, The longer Mr Bulmer is going to get very annoyed with you.
He wants to keep everything nice and quiet,
The less publicity that this whole subject gets, the better as far as he is concerned.
So, Come on George, keep your ridiculous posts flowing in.
I don't mind, Have all the time in the world.
But, if I were you, I'd keep my front door locked. There are dangerous people out there.

I would be very careful what you say in open forum. (Unless you are the earthly representative of DB??)

Just for Mr Sharpleys benefit. (Yes I know you are out there reading this, Hi Neil!)

I have no financial, legal, or indeed any claim in all of this sad, sorry saga.

I was never an artist with any of the labels now owned by Dave Bulmer (Celtic Music). And therefore have no self interest in this ridiculous situation for personal gain.

If the rights of the recordings reverted to the relevant artists (By negotiation, or whatever, There has got to be a deal available, otherwise what is your agenda?)

Firstly I would be a very happy man.
Secondly, I would not gain ONE PENNY for myself.

Phew...hopefully that keeps me out of court!!

Tyke. Look forward to trying to understand what the hell it is you're talking about tommorow. Not holding out much hopes in the "Making sense" Dept.