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Posted By: Tyke
28-May-07 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (5)
From: dick greenhaus - PM
Date: 29 Feb 04 - 01:45 PM

A partial listing:

LER 2027       Nic Jones               Nic Jones
CROC 211       5-Hand Reel               Gaughan, etc.
LER 2014       Ballads & Songs               Nic Jones
RUB 028               Nowt So Good'll Pass       Bob Fox, Sid Luckley
LER 2122       Chained Melody               Sid Kipper
PHF 1004       Barking Mad               4 Men & a Dog
PHF 1003       Shifting Gravel               4 Men & a Dog
PHF 1005       Dr. A's Secret Remedies       4 Men & a Dog
PHF 1006       Long Roads               4 Men & a Dog
LUN 051               Time to Time               Gerry O'Connor
LE 4006               The Border Minstrel       Billy Pigg
MOO 2               Rooted!                        Mike Harding
LE 2121               Cod Pieces               Sid Kipper
                   Arky's Toast               Martyn Wyndham-Read
LE 2092               Maypoles to Mistletoes       Martyn Wyndham-Read
RUB 029               On Two Levels               Sean McGuire & Josephine Keegan
LE 2011               Rout of the Blues       Robin, Barry Dransfeld
PHF 1001       From the Beggar's Mantle Barbara Dickson
PHF 1002       Orfeo                        Archie Fisher
GVR 214               Songs & Tunes From Wales       Mick Terns & Pat Smith
GVR 224               You Can Take a White Horse Anywhere Terns & Smith                                                                                                   
CMC 080               Both Sides of the Coyne         Mick Coyne
CMC 009               Hom Bru                        Obadeea
CMC 079               Lifeswork                James Keegan
DAM 056               Since Time Immoral         Kipper Family
PHC 2K2               Legendary Queen of Irish Folk Singers       Delia Murphy
LER 2044       Music From the Coleman Country Revisited       various
LED 2052       Shetland Fiddlers       various (inc. Aly Bain & Tom
CGR 002               Mouth Organ             Will Atkinson
LER 2038       The Bonny Birdy             Ray Fisher
LER 2076       Bright Phoebus             Lal & Mike Waterson
GVR 209               The Ettrick Shepherd       The McCalmans
GVR 209               Aboard the Cutty Sark       Stan Hugill
CMC 081               You are Here                Tich Frier
PHC 2K7               Frank Wappat's Spring Collection       various
PHK 2K3               The Street Singer       Arthur Tracy

Can't quote prices as yet--I'd rather wait a short while and see if I'll be lynched by maddend Mudcatters